Supporting Communities.

Expressing the Heart of God.

Thank you for exploring the wonderful possibility of bringing valuable food resources to your community through a Ruby's Pop-Up Pantry. It is our mission to supply Christian organizations the resources that become the doorway for life-impacting relationships and gospel-sharing moments for the glory of God.


Ruby's Pantry has a goal of meeting a real need for food. As a sponsoring church, you will work with your local community to proactively encourage faith, show friendship and meet the tangible needs of neighbors, friends and strangers regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

Steps to Becoming a Pop-up Pantry Location

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Requirements of a Sponsoring Location

  • Must be a Christian church.
  • Must provide adequate facilities, parking, volunteers, equipment and supplies.
  • Hold a Pop-Up Pantry one time each month on an agreed-upon date and time.
  • Coordinate 12 site leadership positions (i.e. site leader, volunteer coordinator, financial coordinator).
  • Must sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Provide Insurance Declaration Page from Sponsoring Church.
  • Ruby's Pantry will complete a site visit to your location.
  • Must complete site leadership training with Ruby’s Pantry.

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