Howard Gilbert

Howard has been a volunteer for the Grace Christian Church Ruby’s Pantry site in Fond Du Lac, WI. When the church started this ministry they knew it would be a good fit, but had recently modified the church and knew it may be a bit of a challenge. Howard stepped in to rescue them. With his engineering mind, and his heart to serve and make the vision a reality, he mapped out a plan to allow the church to use the square footage they had so that the people who came to the church would receive food shares in an easy and efficient manner. He also set up a plan for vehicle flow for the guests so they could safely get boxes of food and in turn, safely exit the parking lot. His plans are still being used on a consistent basis. Howard has also been an advisor to other sites to help them set up plans.

Howard has a huge heart to work hard, serving God and others. The safety of both the volunteers and guests, and the efficiency of the distribution, are at the forefront of Howard’s mind. He works with an optimistic outlook and is consistently finding ways to improve, learn from other sites and continually make things run better and smoother for our volunteers and guests. He is a team player who appreciates keeping things real and practical. Howard Gilbert has been a blessing in making a vision a reality to reach the Fond Du Lac Community, not only with food but with the love and truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.