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To activate people in being alert to the needs of others and to be proactive in encouraging faith, showing friendship and meeting tangible needs of neighbors, friends and strangers regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

  What is a Pop-Up Pantry ♥

Ruby’s Pantry holds Pop-Up Pantry’s in a number of locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin every month.  Ruby’s Pantry is faith-based and is organized and hosted by a group of volunteers from a local church.  A Pop-Up Pantry is held either at the church location or at a site easily accessible for guests.

There are no income or resident limits/requirements and you can attend a Pop-Up Pantry at any city/state location.

What to Expect at a Pop-Up Pantry ♥

There is a $20 donation per food share. 

We recommend you bring 2 boxes or totes with you to the Pop-Up Pantry.

When you arrive at a Pop-Up Pantry for the first time, you will need to register and sign in.  This registration is simple and requires no documentation – 2018 Guest Registration Form (open form, print, complete and bring with you to the Pop-Up Pantry). After the first time attending, you will not need to register and will simply sign in.  You will be provided a number and once your number is called, you will go through the line to receive your food share. 

Some Pop-Up Pantry locations offer pre-registration.  You can pre-register for a time slot and arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  The shares designated for a pre-registration are only a portion of the total number of shares available at that location.  If pre-registration slots are filled, you can still attend a Pop-Up Pantry location and sign in when you arrive.  In the event you pre-register and can not attend, you can send someone to pick up your share or a food certificate will be issued for you to pick up and use at the following month during registration.


Latest News & Events

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Important Meat Cooking Announcement

Ruby’s Volunteers and Guests: Since last Friday, May 25, 2018, we’ve been working with the Minnesota and Wisconsin Health Departments over an issue of uncooked chicken. We were initially unaware that the chicken arrived uncooked. It is breaded and looks very much like cooked chicken. It is an excellent product; however, it does need to […]

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Rubys Retreat-01 Square Block

We Need Your Help – Luck Retreat Center Donations

Greetings from North Branch! A couple of weeks ago I sent out a letter asking you to donate money to help us purchase the new furnace for our Ministry Center in Luck, WI. I want to thank all of you who sent in donations to help us complete the purchase. Everything is signed and ready […]

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Ruby’s Women’s Retreat – June 22-23, 2018

We invite you to join us at Ruby’s Retreat for an overnight of faith renewal and fellowship. The 24-hour women’s retreat will be inspiring, powerful and life-giving featuring well-known international speaker and pastor, Londa Lundstrom.  This retreat will be a wonderful opportunity to come together to encourage, support, laugh and strengthen your faith.   Remove yourself […]

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Ruby’s Kingdom Treasures – March 23, 2018

When we look for the positive side of life, can we see through the crud that stands between God and that person. Crud is not about leaving a legacy for peace but rather a legacy of struggle. God is willing to bring joy and peace to all of us, but it requires a sense of […]

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Ruby’s Kingdom Treasures – March 5, 2018

As I was meditating on what I might share with you today, the words of this old hymn came to mind. My thoughts were wandering in the area of belief and the understanding of the power of God’s gift to us. Too often it would seem that we do not realize the totality of what […]

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Ruby’s Kingdom Treasures – February 19, 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, politics and violence seem to be dominating the news in recent times. But the good news is: Millions of believers attended church last Sunday. Millions of believers got up this morning and read their Bibles. Millions of believers prayed today. Millions of believers heard God speak to them last week. […]

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Ruby’s Kingdom Treasures – February 12, 2018

What is the secrets of life? There are no secrets to life! When God created the heavens and the earth He had a plan and we were part of the plan. He never missed a detail. He created a manual as to how to live. We call it the Bible. The more we read it […]

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Ruby’s Kingdom Treasures – February 5, 2018

I recently put a couple of job postings on Facebook and at the end of the post I entered “Please feel free to tell us about your church background and your faith walk.” The responses to the ads have been slow. In fact, I have had only one inquiry. But she wrote how while she […]

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Ruby’s Kingdom Treasures – January 29, 2018

Frustrations are felt by all of us at one time or another. For some it is more often than others. Our frustrations often come from our failure to read or follow directions. Sometimes we just don’t get it! This weekend I had a computer project that should have taken an hour. I started with a […]

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