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From the Desk of Lyn Sahr

“Why does Ruby’s Pantry make people wait outside for the distributions?” “Why do they have to wait for their turn by number?”   “Why don’t the volunteers pack the boxes ahead of time and we just drive up to get the food?” These three questions are quite commonly asked by some guests and I would like to […]

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Food Dist. | New Loyalty Card

Someone recently asked why the Loyalty Card program did not just give the 12th or 13th without a donation instead of guests having to make the donation for their regular share and then getting the extra share without a donation. The answer is pretty forthright in that it isn’t financially feasible to do it the […]

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Take a look at the following websites and get more information about what else we do. in Siren, WI in Siren, WI All the above-listed organizations office out of our Ministry Center in Luck, WI. Don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook pages for each of the above! Home and Away Ministries, […]

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Like us on Facebook!

Keep visiting us on Facebook and “Like” our page. You will receive almost daily food lists for upcoming distributions and be the first to get special announcements such as any weather-related changes to the distributions. If you have ideas for other information on our Facebook page, please let us know. We love good ideas that we […]

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Ruby’s Way to Better Health

Protein is a primary component of our muscles, hair, nails, skin, eyes, and internal organs, especially the heart and brain. Protein is needed for growth, for healthy red blood cells, and much more. Protein foods include eggs, cheese, soy products (soymilk, tofu, miso, tempeh), fish, beans, nuts, seeds, chicken, turkey, beef, and pork. If you […]

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You’re Invited!

You’re invited to join the Ruby’s Prayer Team! To sign up to get special prayer requests and words of praise for answered prayer, contact or call 651.674.0009.

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Make Your Grocery Dollar Count!

New, new, new coupons you can use from Ruby’s Red Page located on our website. These new coupons are hot, hot hot!!!  Get your $20 donation back easily in savings from Ruby’s Red Page. Print your coupons today.

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