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Upcoming Events: 

  • New Ruby’s Pop-Up Pantry Location:  Adams, WI-Saturday, June 1st ♥ Sherburn, MN – Monday, June 17th
  • 2018 Ruby’s Annual Conference:  October 4-6, 2019 at North Heights Lutheran Church, Arden Hills, MN

What is a Pop-Up Pantry ♥

Ruby’s Pantry holds Pop-Up Pantry’s in a number of locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin every month. Ruby’s Pantry is faith-based and is organized and hosted by a group of volunteers from a local church. A Pop-Up Pantry is held either at the church location or at a site easily accessible for guests.

There are no income or resident limits/requirements and you can attend a Pop-Up Pantry at any city/state location.

What to Expect at a Pop-Up Pantry ♥

There is a $20 cash donation per food share at the Pop-Up Pantry location. You can pre-register for some of the Pop-Up Pantry sites using a debit or credit card.

We recommend you bring 2 boxes, baskets or totes with you to the Pop-Up Pantry for your food share distribution.

When you arrive at a Pop-Up Pantry for the first time, you will need to register and sign in.  This registration is simple and requires no documentation – 2019 Guest Registration Form (Please type your information, print, sign and bring with you to the Pop-Up Pantry). After the first time attending, you will not need to register and will simply sign in. You will be provided a number and once your number is called, you will go through the line to receive your food share. 

Some Pop-Up Pantry locations offer pre-registration. You can pre-register for a time slot and arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. The shares designated for a pre-registration are only a portion of the total number of shares available at that location. If pre-registration slots are filled, you can still attend a Pop-Up Pantry location and sign in when you arrive. In the event you pre-register and can not attend, you can send someone to pick up your share or a food certificate will be issued for you to pick up and use at the following month during registration.


Ruby’s Pantry Mission: To activate people in being alert to the needs of others and to be proactive in encouraging faith, showing friendship and meeting tangible needs of neighbors, friends and strangers regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.

Latest News & Events


Volunteer Highlight | Amy Aguado

Amy Aguado is the Distribution Site Coordinator from Luck, WI. She has been the Site Coordinator since their first distribution in the school bus garage with dirt floors. Even in the -20 degree temperatures, Amy and the volunteers were distributing food. Did I mention the garage had no heat or doors! Amy is one of […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Robert & Sharon Toman

Robert and Sharon Toman have volunteered in the Pine City and North Branch distributions for the past eight years.  When you attend these distributions you will find Robert behind the registration table and Sharon filling in wherever necessary and usually doing the work of three people.  I have often said; “Sharon is the hardest working […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Judy Pinnow

Judy Pinnow helped to found the Ruby’s Pantry site and distribution center in Waupaca, WI. Without her dedication and help it would have been very difficult to have achieved all they have achieved since 2008. We have been blessed by Judy in so many ways.

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Volunteer Highlight | Don & Marilyn Criley

Don and Marilyn Criley are the founders of the Ruby’s Pantry food distribution site in Moose Lake, MN and have demonstrated their love of Christ and their dedication in all they do. They have been site leaders since 2005.

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Volunteer Highlight | David Meehl

David Meehl has been a volunteer driver, warehouse worker and handiman at Ruby’s Pantry since hos retirement in 2005. Words can never describ how thankful we are for Dave and his dedication to the Lord and this ministry.

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Volunteer Highlight | Shawn Moncrief

Shawn Moncrief was a faithful volunteer at Ruby’s Pantry since its beginning in 2003. He worked as hard as anyone making him a valuable volunteer. He overseen people being helped carrying out their food to their cars after they go through the distribution line. He has loaded and unloaded more trucks than he can remember […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Jim Rypkema

Jim Rypkema is the first volunteer truck driver in 2003 that went to companies to pick up food for Ruby’s Pantry. Often there was no money for fuel and Jim would fill the trucks out of his own pocket to make sure the food was picked up and available for families. Jim and his wife […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Gary Chaffin

Gary Chaffin with his wife Adel. Gary is one of the founders of Home and Away Ministries and served on the board for the first two years. Gary was active volunteer in Ruby’s Pantry doing almost anything he was asked to do. He is retired in Richfield, Minnesota.

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Donation Amount Change

Because of the difficult economic conditions and the ever increasing costs of operations, Ruby’s Pantry is increasing the donation amount for all food distributions from $15 to $20. Thank for your kind understanding and encouragement to us.We are doing all we can do to increase the variety and poundage of food at each distribution. And…. […]

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Our Mission

To procure and distribute corporate surplus food and goods to help fight poverty, hunger and disease in rural communities in the United States for those with low resources and in crisis through churches, food shelves and other local civic organizations. To develop the ”Blessing Box” concept to activate people in being alert to the needs […]

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