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From the Desk of Lyn Sahr

In May we will start our 15th year of this ministry. Over the last few months we have made a greater effort in fundraising. I would like to take the time to share with you the reasons why it takes more funding than the $20 donation from our guests at the distributions. $2 (10%) of […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Mary Patrycus

Mary is a key volunteer at the Wisconsin Distribution Center and Ruby’s Pantry Food Distribution in Waupaca, WI. She has a heart of gold and is loved by all who are around her. She has a quiet spirit and is very organized and hard working. She is willing to do whatever is needed and never […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Richard Kron

Richard is a hard working volunteer that can be counted on each month to be a helping hand in the distribution line. Richard has served in the Pine City, North Branch and Hinckley distributions since Ruby’s Pantry began, helping primarily in Pine City MN now. He is a dedicated volunteer that has a passion for people.

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Volunteer Highlight | Don Dougherty

Don is an extremely hard working individual that is always early to the distribution in Pine City MN and will have the chairs and tables up before the rest of the volunteers arrive. Don loves to have fun with the volunteers and guests and has a heart of a servant. Don has volunteered in the […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Sandra & Dan Nelson

Sandra & Dan are volunteers from Pine City MN. They also served at the Hinckley Distribution. They are hardworking and dedicated to helping others. Dan helps unload the truck, many times working with the forklift and then helps to count the food, as well as helps on the distribution line. Sandra works on the line and […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Jim Ray

Jim is a volunteer from Cloquet MN. He is someone who will do anything it takes to make things go smoothly during a distribution. He makes sure a loader and driver are available for each distribution. He makes sure the shopping carts are delivered. You can count on him to be at the site early […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Judy Benko

Judy is a volunteer from Cloquet MN. She is an outstanding individual with a heart and passion for the program. She is the person who will jump in to do anything that needs to be done. She is willing to take on anything the site needs, from repackaging and sorting items to helping at the […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Pat Snyder

Pat is from the Grace Christian Church in Fond Du Lac, WI. Pat has been with our Ruby’s distribution from the very beginning, five years ago. Growing up in a military family, she learned early in life how to delegate jobs to others and keep things organized. That made her a perfect fit for the Volunteer Coordinator […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Howard Gilbert

Howard has been a volunteer for the Grace Christian Church Ruby’s Pantry site in Fond Du Lac, WI. When the church started this ministry they knew it would be a good fit, but had recently modified the church and knew it may be a bit of a challenge. Howard stepped in to rescue them. With […]

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Volunteer Highlight | Janine Hansen

Janine has been with the Cameron Ruby’s Pantry site since the start in 2009 as a core person on the leadership team. She has been a tireless volunteer at Ruby’s, doing whatever needs to be done. Her current role is directing Ruby’s Closet, which she started in the spring after the site initially opened. She […]

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