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Merry Christmas from Lyn Sahr, Executive Director Ruby’s Pantry

We all celebrate Christmas as little differently. Yes, there is usually at least one Christmas feast and the surprise of gifts. Some gifts present bigger surprises than others! Most of us love surprises.

I always think of Joseph at Christmas. I know the emphasis is on Mary and the Christ child, but I am a big fan of Joseph. What a guy! When he was pledged to marry Mary, he discovered she was pregnant. What a surprise! He decided to part ways with her quietly, but God showed up! The Angel of the Lord assured Joseph that Mary was carrying the Christ Child and it was okay. And Joseph believed God and accepted God’s surprise.

The problem for many people is that when God surprises us it is foreign to what we were imagining or our dream. Don’t be unwilling to accept God’s surprise and miss His blessing. Too many people spend their lives wanting their will instead of God’s. When God brings you a very unexpected blessing don’t be so quick to reject it but rather ask for instructions. Be a Joseph that God can use and look forward to His surprise.

Once a man said to me, “The best surprise is no surprise.” That’s okay in man’s business but when it comes to God’s business we should expect surprises. God is more willing to bless us than we are to receive. And God always shows up on time every time!

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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